Experience hassle-free forwarding with us.

Whether it’s by ocean or over the road transport, we got your freight covered. With us, you have an experienced partner who will be with you the entire way. By partnering with leading carriers, Pak Afghan Pvt. Ltd. ensures that customers' cargo needs are met through a variety of solutions including fixed schedules on our daily shipments either by road or sea, consolidation services in our own facilities and the creation of specialized solutions based on customers' unique requirements. Throughout the entire process, global compliance and security requirements are met at all times.

Why Choose Us


Our worldwide network of forwarders specializing in project cargo are the backbone of our services. Our project experts worldwide coordinate the most efficient routing of your oversize and overweight cargo.


From planning and executing a simple shipment to a complex, international freight order, we offer a full suite of logistics services. Our expert team handles the most intricate supply chain demands, leaving you free to focus on building your business.


Our team of professionals understand the importance of staying on top of our competitors hence we keep ourselves updated with industry news, challenges, and game changing solutions so we can serve our customers better.