Managing Director’s Message:

Pak Afghan Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded with a simple vision of delivering exceptional value to our customers, and it was that zeal for service and innovative solutions that have helped us become a regional powerhouse and leading service provider in the freight and logistics industry in Pakistan.
I personally stand behind each of our project assigned to us and firmly committed to our client’s success — and our success will naturally follow. We provide a cost-effective solution to meet every need of our client and update them at every stage of the move.
With wholehearted sincerity, I promise you that we will always strive to become a superior business partner. Our creative innovation and indomitable spirit will allow us to grow in a successful partnership with our customers
Pak Afghan Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. will continue to provide customers with quality logistics solutions, ensure the continuous growth in its clients’ business, security and safety on the assets while on the go. I hereby, express my sincere appreciations to all our foreign & domestic customers that have bestowed us with utmost respect and trust, who maintain cooperation and work together with and have been one of the core strength of our business.

Tariq Gul,